DIY Make a Lawn Ghosts

Are you looking to add a new outside Halloween decoration?  Then this project is for you.  It is easy and doesn’t cost very much.  Get the whole family involved they will love making Lawn Ghosts in your yard.

DIY Make a Lawn Ghost

Click here for instructions on how to make this project.


Activities: Easy Ghost Decorations


1 1/2″ Styrofoam ball

12″ Square white fabric (old sheets or pillowcase works great)

Black sharpie

Thin orange or black ribbon

White thread or fish line


1    Lay the styrofoam ball in the middle of the fabric.

2   Gather up the fabric around the ball

3   Tie the fabric tight with the ribbon

4   Draw eyes with the sharpie

5   Thread the white thread or fish line through the top of the ghost head with a needle or tie it around the neck.

6   Hang the ghost up outside on a tree or outdoor lighting.

Sensory Activity for All Ages: Dish Soap Foam!

This activity is from “Hands on as we grow”.  It’s wonderful, my kids had a blast playing with the foam.  Although I didn’t use food coloring in mine, they still loved it.

dish soap foam sensory activity

I knew when I saw this snow sensory activity from dish soap, from You Pinspire Me, when I collected the ideas for the Snow Collection, that it was something the boys would love and we just had to do it.

Dish Soap Foam!

So easy, your child could, and can, do it!

I put some dish soap in a measuring cup [just squirted a good amount] and added a tad bit of water.
Dumped that in my food processor, and let the kids foam it up!

dish soap foam sensory activity

Ta-Da! Foam!

The longer you do it, the foamier, and thicker, it gets!

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