Make Your Own Homemade Facial Cleansers . . . {4} All-Natural Recipes!

Are you looking for natural ways to wash your face?  One good thing by Jillee has 4 homemade, natural options for your face.  One might work for you.


All four of these cleansers have merit in that they don’t contain any detergent ingredients called surfactants. Surfactants are responsible for creating the lather you expect to see in soaps and many liquid cleansers, but the problem is they strip the natural lipid layer from the skin’s surface and destroy its protective barrier. In other words, they are simply too harsh for most skin types.

The good news is there are lots of home remedies you can try that not only are inexpensive compared to most store bought stuff, they are also environmentally friendly.

Let’s check them out.
natural facial cleansers 



DIY Thankful Board

Thanksgiving is nearly here and Christmas is around the corner.  There is always alot of craziness this time or year.  There is also so much to be thankful for.  Over at Cherished Bliss is a tutorial for making a Thankful Board. // DIY Thankful Board #fall #thanksgiving #tutorial


I am so excited about this thankful board! The whole idea of it is each day in November, up until Thanksgiving, the kids will tell me one thing they are thankful for. We will write it down and put it in the envelope, then on Thanksgiving day we will sit down and read them all!


For the whole tutorial click here…

Homemade Carpet Stain Remover…NO Scrubbing Needed!

This is a post I found on One Good Thing By Jillee.  It’s amazing!

homemade carpet stain cleaner

OK…I realize it’s Christmas Eve…and I really should be posting something about food or parties or family or…I don’t know…something FESTIVE!  If that’s what you were expecting to read about today…my apologies. I’m just too excited about my new

carpet cleaning discovery that I simply HAD to post this…TODAY. 🙂

It started with this post about making your own homemade version of “Shout” laundry stain remover.  A couple of people asked if they could use it on their carpet stains too.  I didn’t know the answer to that because I’d never thought to try it…but was definitely going to give it a go.

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More Good Things: European Paint Finishes

Look at this beautiful dresser I found on pinterest.   I have to admit I love going to thrift stores and turning old pieces of furniture into something fabulous.   I can’t wait to use this style of painting on my next piece of furniture.

European Paint Finishes

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