Discovery Bottles – Preschool Play

You can make a variety of discovery bottles for your toddler and  preschooler using rice, glitter, marbles and many more ideas.  Here are some ideas from pre-school play.

Animals hidden in shredded paper. Lots of twisting and turning of the bottle required to get the animals to appear.

Car in rice. We use this one to learn about the different parts of a car.  Can you see the wheels / windows / lights / mirrors etc.

Cut up pipe cleaners.  Use magnetic wands to draw the pipe cleaners up the side of the bottle

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Activity Toddler Time: Busy Bag Exchange Part 3

This is part 3 of the Busy Bag Exchange. has some great ideas check out their website.

I’m sharing some experiences and ideas from the recent busy bag exchange I posted.

Today I’m sharing the preschool aged busy bags from the exchange.

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Activity Toddler Time: Busy Bag Series Part 2

Now that you have completed part 1 of the busy bag exchange, here is part 2.

Today I’m sharing the 19 activities that were part of our toddler exchange. You can see the rest of the ideas I gathered for the swap on this google doc.

I’m also sharing what my 18 month old daughter, Adelaide, thinks of the activities we’ve tried as well.

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Activity Toddler Time: Hosting a Busy Bag Exchange

I was recently looking for a project to keep my toddler busy while going places and came across this website that hosted a “Busy Bag Exchange”  What a great idea!  I will be making these for sure.  This is part 1 in a 3 part series.

Recently I hosted a busy bag exchange with 20+ of my friends (and their friends). It’s an idea that I’ve seen around the web lately, especially getting inspiration from here and here. I liked the idea that I would work on one project (well two since we hosted two separate swaps) and in return get a variety of activities for my 18 month old daughter.

Here are my tips if you want to host an exchange:

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Sensory Activity for All Ages: Dish Soap Foam!

This activity is from “Hands on as we grow”.  It’s wonderful, my kids had a blast playing with the foam.  Although I didn’t use food coloring in mine, they still loved it.

dish soap foam sensory activity

I knew when I saw this snow sensory activity from dish soap, from You Pinspire Me, when I collected the ideas for the Snow Collection, that it was something the boys would love and we just had to do it.

Dish Soap Foam!

So easy, your child could, and can, do it!

I put some dish soap in a measuring cup [just squirted a good amount] and added a tad bit of water.
Dumped that in my food processor, and let the kids foam it up!

dish soap foam sensory activity

Ta-Da! Foam!

The longer you do it, the foamier, and thicker, it gets!

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