Get Organized for Halloween

Get Organized for Halloween

I looked at my calender today and realized that October is half over.  Which means, Halloween is almost here.  I started to go through my mental checklist: costumes, parties, candy, decorations… how am I going to get it all done.  For everyone who is in the same boat that I am, I am posting this article in hopes of helping you get organized for Halloween.

Whether you are picking apples, planning a party, decorating for the season, trick or treating, or watching scary movies, there is something for all ages at Halloween. Here are a few helpful tips for getting organized during this fun time of year.

1. Check Your Calendar – Open up your calendar and start planning ahead – although October has just begun, with all the activities in the fall and weekends filling up, it will be over very quickly.  Planning ahead for all the things you need to do, accomplish and attend will help you stay more organized.  Enter your absolute dates and schedules first, referring to work, activities, sports, religious, and other volunteer commitments. Once those are in your calendar, be sure to plan some time for fun little trips to enjoy the autumn colors this time of year.

2. Plan It Out! Make a master list including sections for: parties, home decorations, costumes, pumpkin carving, apple picking, school or extra-curricular schedules, and errands to run.  Each one of these categories has many sub-tasks and can easily eat up valuable time in the planning details. With a master list, you are more likely keep these tasks top of mind and can combine errands and trips – so you are less likely to have to make last-minute runs that can throw anyone’s schedule.

3. Costumes! Discuss what each member of your family will dress-up as for Halloween. This will give you an idea of how much time will be needed to prepare or purchase costumes as well as how much to budget. Costumes are one of those items that can be quite expensive if you’re purchasing pre-made varieties. To save money, consider home-made, borrowing costumes from a friend or neighbor or going with costumes that are simple and reusable. You can pull ideas for costumes from a number of sources, including fairy tales, video games, comics, cartoons, horror movies, etc. If you want to save money, thrift stores are a great place to find gently-used Halloween costumes.

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