Organization: Hidden Kitchen Organizer

This organization tip is by “two twenty one”.  So Creative!

Here is an organizational project that will help tame the side of your fridge.  I think most of us are guilty of slapping stuff on the fridge because it’s one of the easiest things to do.

So, if the following is a reoccurring exchange in your house, this project is for you.  “Honey, where’s the Chinese takeout menu?” On the fridge.  “Honey, where’s the water bill?”  On the fridge.  “Honey, where’s that wedding invitation?”  On the fridge.  “Honey, where’s the dog?”  On the fridge.  Just kidding.  Your dog probably shouldn’t be on the fridge.

Obviously, the inspiration behind this project started with the monstrosity that was the side of our fridge.  I was tired of looking at the mess everyday.  It had gotten so out of control that I found coupons that expired in 2010 when I was cleaning everything off of it.  Yowza.

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